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About Beyond Reason Productions

The Beyond Reason Productions web page was created by David Rigert to share his various hobbies and media projects. David began creating his media projects under the Beyond Reason Productions name in 1998 while he was enrolled in media classes at the Evergreen State College. He also created a web page of the same name to share his various media projects with friends.

After a 3-year post-graduation hiatus, BRP got its own domain name and was supposed to reopen as a continuation of its original purpose. Unfortunately, a general lack of free time made it nothing more than an "under construction" page for another 2 years. Now, the Beyond Reason Productions web page is finally open for anyone who is interested.

About the webmaster

David Rigert is an American from the city of Seattle currently living in a small city in the Japanese Alps. His interest in movies and media began from a young age, and drove him to enroll at the Evergreen State College for its cinema program. Halfway through his studies, David decided that media production was best left as a hobby and changed his major to Chemistry. In his third year of university, he discovered the Japanese language and changed his major one last time to Japanese Studies.

After studying abroad for 1 year at Miyazaki University on the island of Kyushu, David returned home and applied to be a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. He was accepted and began his job on the sub-tropical island of Ishigaki, a mere 277 km (173 mi) from Taiwan. After his one-year contract was up, he moved to Fukuoka, Japan where he lived for 3 months before getting a 6-month work-at-home contract job translating tourist pamphlets for the Hiroshima International Center (HIC). He began working for an international school in Hiroshima as an interpreter and translator in 2004, and stayed there for 2 years before accepting a job as a translator at a large printer manufacturer in Nagano, where he is still working today.

Through all this time, David never lost his interest in creating web pages, graphics, animations, and movies. He recently bought a Nikon D70s, an entry-level DSLR camera, to pursue his interest in photography. David's media work can be seen under the Media Projects page, and his photographs can be viewed under Photo Galleries.

As a side job, David decided to begin doing English-to-Japanese freelance translation with a specialization in computers and technology. More information on this service can be found on the Translation Services page.

If you have any questions about David or Beyond Reason Productions, or would like a quote for your translation project, you can contact him through the Contact Information page.