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Studying Abroad at Miyazaki University, May 2001

This is a video about studying abroad at Miyazaki University in Miyazaki, Japan. I filmed and edited it while I was on the one-year exchange program between The Evergreen State College and Miyazaki University. You can read more about my time in Miyazaki on my old web page, Bikkuri: Learning about Japan the Hard Way.

The video was originally to be used for prospective students at Evergreen, but I doubt they ever used it due to the overall negative opinions of the interviewees. I still feel it is a fair representation of how a large portion of study abroad students at rural Japanese universities feel. I also wanted to include more information about Miyazaki City itself, but had to cut it out due to time constraints.

The video was filmed using a Sony Digital-8 camera and edited using Adobe Premiere 6.5 on my old Pentium III-600 laptop. The audio sounds a little bit distorted in certain parts because I accidentally converted it from 32000 to 48000 using low conversion quality and deleted the original files before I realized my mistake.

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