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Mr. Squishy, July 1998

For those who don't know, Mr. Squishy is the little guy that always gets squished the first time someone makes an animation. This two-day production was a joint project between Tim Bard, Jason Mortis, and myself (David Rigert).

Although this project may look 3D, it is actually all pre-rendered pictures animated in After Effects. Mr. Squishy himself is nothing more than several animated, colorized masks. All of the pre-rendered 3D landscapes and models were made by Tim. The opening, closing, and custom sound effects were done by Jason. I animated everything in between and donated my voice to the final (and only) line.

This project was made for an animation class, and the teacher said we could do it digitally as long as it wasn't a bunch of lens flares. Being our usual smart-ass selves, we decided to add a gratuitous lens flare to the end. You may notice that we "borrowed" a few sounds from Quake 2 by id Software.

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